The PTH-818 thermometer has it all in a compact size

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Take your baby’s temperature easily and safely with our PROSTECH digital non contact infrared thermometer.

You don’t have to worry about hurting your child when sticking a thermometer in their ear or under their armpit. You don’t have to stress whether or not your baby’s temperature is in the danger zone or not.

Instructions come with the product. A full colour manual in English.

It does not annoy the child by being stuck in the ear canal and is never going to be incorrect due to ear wax and insufficient straightening of the ear canal, tympanic ear thermometers often have this problem.

It is recommended that the temperature should be measured over body surfaces which are not perspiring or covered by hair in a draft-free room at a constant temperature between 16°C and 40°C.


Here are some pictures of our small PROSTECH Thermometer

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Just hold up to the forehead

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Our FAQ supplements our documentation which is available here

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Please find any late breaking helpful tips to use your thermometer

Wait for acclimitisation

A infrared thermometer needs 20 minutes in the same room or temperature to be able to read accurately.

Measure on the forehead

The forehead is the place to measure temperature. Ensure it is set to body setting.

Works for the whole family

Equally effective on the elderly, adults and children (newborns, infants, toddlers, older kids)

Talk to us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the details that came with the box, also found at the bottom of this page.

Remove hair and sweat before measuring

Hair, sweat, or a draft in the room can all effect the ability for this thermometer to measure accurately. Ensure you remove these.

Is this suitable for newborn babies?

Yes, this infrared thermometer is the quickest and simplest approach. It is better than ear thermometers because it is not advisable to put anything in the ear of a newborn baby.

Can this be used to measure body temperature to monitor hypothermia in the field?

Yes, but just be sure to have the thermometer away from any drafts and allow the thermometer time to adjust to its surrounding temperature. This is not suitable for extreme outdoor conditions and very cold temperatures.

Can this be used for cancer or other sick patients?

Yes, this thermometer is suitable for all medical conditions.

Can this be used on adults too?

Yes, it is suitable for all age ranges, including infants and the elderly.

Is it as accurate as an ear thermometer?

Yes, it is as accurate as an ear thermometer and easier to use because there is no chance of ear wax build up affecting the reading. Be sure to follow the instructions and it is always advisable to take multiple readings and average the results if they differ.

Is there a warranty on the product?

Yes, we have a warranty with a full refund or replacement available for a year.

I’ve noticed that no contact thermometers display a narrow range of temperature. Is there a limit range that this thermometer will provide?

Yes the most accurate range is between 35 °C, and 42 °C, but it is also fairly accurate right through the range between 32 and 43 °C.

Does the thermometer make a loud enough noise when taking the reading to wake the baby?

The thermometer is able to be instantly muted, so that it makes no noise. When the noise is on, it is loud enough for the hard of hearing to still hear it.

Can this be outdoors in heat and humidity and still give an accurate reading? Or does it have to be kept at a certain temperature for it to work correctly?

This thermometer is really only suited to indoor use. Drafts and humidity and sudden changes of temperature can effect the accuracy of this thermometer.



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