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Bluetooth Scales allow you to track your weight over time using Apple Health and a free app!

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These PROSTECH scales have been an Amazon USA best seller since 2014 - search for Easy@Home brand - over 400 reviews. Available for the first time locally in New Zealand & the UK with a better design.

Track your weight, BMI and six other measurements on your iPhone, Android or iPad with this Body Composition Analyser which uses Bluetooth.

With a large easy-to-read back-lit display, these scales will take your measurements quickly, and transfer all data to your iPhone or Android through Bluetooth®, with a free app. On the iPhone this will transfer through to the inbuilt ‘Health’ app, which can combine all your health data from running apps and other Bluetooth devices also.

As soon as your weight is measured, the device will turn off to save the 4 AA batteries for many reads. Up to 10 users can keep track of their individual measurements, with graph and list view for all measurements. For some measurements, you will need to take your shoes off, with the body weight being what displays on screen. A full user manual will guide you through installation and use. As with all scales, it must be used on a flat hard surface. It is a stylish toughened glass platform.

We have a money back guarantee, so why don't you follow the link above - we guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase.

Pictures of the scales

Here are some pictures of the PROSTECH Bluetooth Bathroom Scales

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The front

A new design

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As easy as standing

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Track with an App

iWellness synchs with Health App


Our FAQ supplements our documentation which is available here

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Please find any late breaking helpful tips to use your scales

iOS 11 Bluetooth (update: 6 Nov 17)

Some people have reported a problem with iOS 11 and New iWellness relating to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth icon must be blue (beside wifi icon) when you swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen. Bluetooth being "checked ON" in settings, is not enough, a related bug has also been found: detailed here. The app developer will be looking at fixing this but you can see the solution here, an update will be required to your app from when it is fixed.

First connection

When you first connect the scales with Bluetooth, you may find other bluetooth devices get in the way, just turn the others off for the initial connection.

You don't need the Bluetooth Settings page

There is no need to go into the Bluetooth settings page on the phone, just make sure Bluetooth is on and go straight to the app and set up a profile, then stand on the scales.

Use a flat hard surface

Because these scales require the full pressure to be applied evenly to the feet of the scale, putting scales on carpet or soft lino will effect performance. Ensure they are on flat tiles, or something hard and flat.

Talk to us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the details that came with the box, also found at the bottom of this page.

Video Tutorial

Please click here for a YouTube video tutorial on how best to use these scales.


We have a money back guarantee

about us

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